*indicates a SABC member

*Antique & Collectible Firearms & Militaria Headquarters (OldGuns.net) - John Spangler's massive site with all sorts of weapons, militaria, books, ammunition, heavy ordnance, etc. Good Q&A section.

*Baionettes Francais - Christian Mery's extensive coversage of French bayonets, in French, but with English translations also.

*The Bayonet Connection- Shawn Gibson- Dealer

The Bayo-Hunter - Richard Abbenbroek's site for collectors with lots of good info

Bayonets of Scandinavia - Per Holmb├Ąck's excellent coverage of this specialty

*BayonetsPlus.com - Take a virtual tour of Derek Compton's collection of British and Commonwealth bayonets, militaria and related items.

Bayonet Trader - Ron Riede's dealer site with extensive reference that requires fee for access.

*Collecting Bayonets - Jim Maddox's site with ordering info, reviews, and errata for his superb book of that title. Aside from the fact that there are hundreds of bayonets pictured, dozens that have never been seen in any previous publication, the book is filled with useful information for both beginners and advanced collectors. Jim shares his years of knowledge not just about the bayonets themselves but, as the title states, how to collect bayonets. Simple things that have never been fully covered in any other bayonet book, like how to clean, store or display your collection. Useful tips on where to find bayonets, what to buy or not buy and advice on Internet auctions and purchasing.

*Dennis Ottobre's www.eBAYONET.com large offering by full time dealer, "Otto".Author of "Observations On Turkish Bayonets"

Edged Weapons.nl - Dealer in the Netherlands with extensive selection.

Imperial German Regimental Markings - Source for Jeff Noll's Imperial German Regimental Markings book to identify marks on all types of German small arms (guns, bayonets, swords, machine guns) of the period.

*IrishBayonets.com - Michael Curran's site on Collecting Bayonets in Ireland and the history of bayonets found there

*J&E Collectibles - Jerry Holm's site with bayonets and frogs for sale.

Japanese Type 30 Bayonet Variations - George Behary's site dedicated to this popular collecting field.

*John C. Denner Co. - Bayonet Catalog- John Denner- Dealer in antique arms and arms related books as well as bayonets. Back issues of SABC Journal for sale.

M9 Multipurpose Bayonet System- Lots of details and history on variations of this popular bayonets

Old Smithy- Carl's site dedicated to bayonet collecting and related interests. Lots of good information to share that is not seen elsewhere. A very informative and actively updated site.

*USMilitaryknives.com - Frank Trzaska's extensive studies on the United States military knife, bayonet, machete and associated books. Large archives of information; reprints of many obscure weapons publications available. "Bayonet Points" column by *Gary Cunningham located here.

*JJMilitaryantiques.com - Jason Kaplan's site with many bayonets, plus antique firearms and swords.