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Subject Matter Either Exclusively or Predominantly Concerned with Bayonets


It may be difficult for the younger modern bayonet collector to realise that when the author commenced serious collecting in Britain in 1962 there were virtually no easily accessible books on the subject of bayonet identification. At that time, the antique and arms armour establishment in Europe regarded the bayonet as little more than an accessory to the military firearm, hardly worthy of study in its own right. The only published material were two or three general surveys of early bayonet development buried in back issues of obscure historical journals and some brief comments on the British bayonet in a book entitled 'Sword, Lance & Bayonet' produced by ffoulkes & Hopkinson of the Tower of London Armouries in 1938. European collectors in the early 1960's therefore had to rely to a large extent on books on military firearms, some of which contained passing references to associated bayonets, although the information was often sketchy and inaccurate.

Across the atlantic in the USA, bayonet collectors were rather better informed, as a pioneer study of some American sword bayonets by Rollin V. Davis Jr. was published in 1962, to be followed in 1964 by Donald V. Webster's booklet on American socket bayonets, and in the same year by Albert N. Hardin Jr.'s great comprehensive classic "The American Bayonet". Again, as early as 1921, the New York arms firm of Francis Bannerman Sons had produced a booklet on the German Gew. 98 Mauser Rifle which contained a surprisingly detailed coverage of the many bayonet variants used with that rifle.
In Britain it was abundantly clear from the correspondence pages of the magazine "Guns Review" that there was a growing collector interest in the bayonet and, in October 1965, J. Anthony Carter commenced a series of articles in that periodical which were to run for the next 20 years. Books then commenced appearing - a north of England collector named Bert Walsh circulated some cheaply photocopied sheets of bayonet drawings in 1967, which were expanded into a hardback book published in 1970. Robert Wilkinson-Latham, scion of the Wilkinson Sword family, produced the first attempt at a book on British bayonets in 1967, and the following year saw the publication of populist collector's guide on general bayonet collecting by Frederick J. Stephens. The latter produced a second illustrated guide in 1971. In 1969, J. Anthony Carter published the first of a long series of classic bayonet books - his first effort being on the subject of World War Two issues. A primer of World Bayonets, published in two parts by John Walter and Gordon Hughes was also welcomed by collectors in 1969.
Collectors on the continent of Europe were a little slower to venture into print, but the delay nurtured one of the great general bayonet studies - the Dutch collector and drafstman Paul Keisling published the first book of his four-volume study in 1973, the final volume appearing in Holland in 1976. Back in England, John Watts & Peter White in 1975 published another all-embracing classic, The Bayonet Book. From then on the trickle of bayonet books became a flood, with further authors producing general studies - Anthony Carter & John Walter in 1974, John Watts and Peter White in 1975, Roger Evans & Fred Stephens in 1985, Björn Schöön in 1986, Jerry L. Janzen in 1987, Dr. A. Ross in 1994, and most recently Jean-Pierre Vial in 1995.
Others chose to concentrate on the bayonets of a particular nation, Juan Luis Calvó on Spain [1971 & 1976], Barry Manarey on Canada [1971], J. P. Pitous on France [1973], Bengt Lissmark on Sweden [1974], Reino Kärhä on Russia [1975], Ian D. Skennerton on Australia [1976], Larry Johnson on Japan [1988], Klaus Lübbe on Germany [1991], Petr Moudry on Czechoslovakia [1991], Cesare Calamandrei on Italy [1992], Jan Smid & Petr Moudry on the Hapsberg Empire [1994] and Rüdiger Franz on Prussia [1994]. J. Anthony Carter also produced a well researched series of books on German bayonets between 1976 and 1994, and Ian Skennerton & Bob Richardson produced the definitive "British & Commonwealth Bayonets" in 1986.
Yet another series of authors have written on socket bayonets [John Hayden, 1978; Graham Priest, 1986; Bob Reilly., 1990} or more specialised subjects, including bayonet belt-frogs, Kalaschnikov bayonets, bayonet markings, patent bayonets or German clam-shell models.
Military bayonet fighting manuals form another aspect of bibliographic study, and for a hugely comprehensive book-list on this subject one should consult Alfred Hutton's "Fixed Bayonets" which includes 16 pages of titles published before 1890. Some, plus more modern manuals, are included here.
The following bibliography gives details on more than one hundred publications. Every effort has been made to make it as comprehensive as possible, but other titles could well exist. (By Roger D.C. Evans))

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[ Note: A third volume of the above apparently exists, but no details known.]

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Other publications not personally seen by the compiler of the foregoing bibliography, but which are believed to exist. Details sometimes sketchy - further information welcome !
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The foregoing bibliography was mostly compiled by SABC charter member Roger D.C. Evans.


The following additional bayonet references are in my personal collection (Jerry L. Holm)

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Listings suggested by other collectors

1. Articles in Polish journals.

Szczeglow, Krzysztof (1989) "Bagnet produkcji Zbrojowni Krakow do karabinu austriackiego Mannlicher m.95 (Bayonet from Military
Factory Krakow for Austrian Mannlicher M95 rifle), Warszawski
osrodek kultury, Warszawa , 5 pages.
Szczeglow, Krzysztof (1990) "Bagnet polski okresu II Rzeczypospolitej 1918-1939" (Polish bayonet from II RP period 1918-1939), Militaria zeszyt 5, Warszawski osrodek kultury, Warszawa , 10 pages.
Szczeglow, Krzysztof (1993) "Bagnet austro-wegierski, 1867-1918"
(Austrian-Hungarian bayonet, 1867-1918), Archeologia Wojskowa
1 (1/92), ME-GI, Warszawa 1992, 6 pages, part I. And Archeologia
Wojskowa 2 (1/93), ME-GI, Warszawa, 6 pages, part II.

Proszynski,Maciej (1993) "Bagnet tulejowy, XVII-XX wiek" (Socket bayonet, XVII-XX century), Archeologia Wojskowa 3 (2/93), ME-GI, Warszawa , 6 pages.

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Man At Arms

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ROBERT M. REILLY PAPERS (Mss 4662)Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library Louisiana State University Libraries Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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FRANCIS J. BANNERMAN & SONS PAPERS Hagley Museum acquired the Bannerman archive as a gift from Dwight B. Demerritt, Jr., of the American Society of Arms Collectors. The fifty-linear-foot collection includes correspondence, orders, invoices, financial records, trade catalogs, and some photographs; it is now available for research. Hagley Museum and Library PO Box 3630 Wilmington, DE 19807-0630. Additional background at

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