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Each issue of the Journal contains information primarily of interest to the membership, a president's message, mail call; and if following an annual meeting, a report and pictures of the proceedings. The feature articles written or submitted by individual members are actually the heart of each issue. These articles are written by and for serious collectors of bayonets. The following is an listing of these articles for each volume of the Journal of the SABC.

Contents of the Society of American Bayonet Collector Journal 1988- 2017 (Volume 1, Spring 1998 through Volume 99, Spring 2017)
SABC Journal Issue Title Author
Volume 1, Spring 1988 The Thomas Griswold & Company Bayonets Martin D. Centala
Evolution Of The Integral Frog Bayonet Scabbard, 1840-1864 J. R. Marsden & R. T. Huntington
Dimensioning The Socket Bayonet R. T. Huntington & J. R. Marsden
The U.S. Model 1866 Cadet Bayonet Edward A. Hull
Thoughts On Jenks Bayonet Numbers Lee Bull, Jr.
Volume 2, Spring 1989 M1905 Bayonet Production John H. Spangler
Why Socket Bayonets? 1840-1864 Graham T. Priest
Providence Tool Co. Bayonets Edward A. Hull
Dan Morrison On Videotaping Daniel Morrison
The American Made Revolutionary War Bayonet...Some Problems Nelson H. Mccall
The Allegheny Arsenal Harry A. Schoeller
Kelly’s Cartridge Tearer For 1864 Scientific American
"Persevere" Thomas Singelyn, D.D.S.
The Bown Tetley Bayonet Martin D. Centala
More Firearm Muzzle Diameters Gary M. Pauly
Volume 3, Summer 1990 U.S. Imports, Part 1: Those Ubiquitous Austrian Quadrangular Blades Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Introducing Mr. Pierre Renoux - S.A.B.C.'s French Connection! Pierre Renoux
Report Of A World War One Era United States Wooden Training Bayonet-Rifle Combination Anthony Ross, Ph.D
My Membership In The S.A.B.C. Pays Off Thomas E. Singelyn, D.D.S.
Brown Bess Bayonet Survey Heis Mccall
Thoughts On Revolutionary War Bayonets Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Volume 4, Summer 1991 The Austrian Lorenz Rifled Musket M/1854, Part 3 Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
The Hall Rifle Socket Bayonet J. R. Marsden & R. T. Huntington
The Remington Alteration Model 1841 Rifle Bayonet Ed Hull
Style Socket Bayonet Made In Britain Graham Priest
U.S. Patent Office - Combined Bayonet & Telescope Pierre Renoux
Bayonets For The Winchester Model 1876 Musket Mark W. Nordland
Regulations For The Inspection Of Small Arms, 1823
Volume 5, Summer 1992 A Remington Sample Roy Marcot
Winchester Model 95 Bayonets A. H. Siebel, Jr.
The Bayonets Of The Garand David Kaczmarek
More Uses For The Bayonet John A. Nelson
A Survey Of Handle Lengths Anthony Ross, Ph.D
U.S. Patent Office - Bayonet And Utility Knife Bill Mozey
A Tale Of Civil War Bayonets Paul S. Lederer & Joseph R. Marsden
Bibliography & List Of Unpublished Articles
Volume 6, Spring 1993 The M-4 Knife-Bayonet Fred Powers
U.S. Model 1917 Bayonet David Kaczmarek
From Windmills To Bayonets Jerry L. Janzen
Notes On Confederate Socket Bayonets Joseph R. Marsden
A Confederate Infantry Pike George T. Wheeler
The Prussian Models 1809 And 1839, Part I Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr
Confederate Snell Bayonet Homer Brett
United States Patent Office Fire-Arms And Bayonets R. D. C. Evans
Merrill's Marauders - Photo and Information Homer M. Brett
References - U.S. Model 1917 Bayonet
Volume 7, Spring 1994 S.A.B.C. Mini-Meeting In Basingstoke England
Phrobis And The M9 Bayonet part Three Homer M. Brett
A M1917 Bolo Bayonet Phil Lohman
An American Scabbard...But What For?...From When?...And Why Robert M. Reilly
The Steel Scabbard For Socket Bayonets In America , 1834-1900 Joseph R. Marsden
Who Said Or Wrote It John A. Nelson
"And The 20 Inch Bayonet Was Issued With..." Paul Johnson
U.S. Patent Office - Improvement In Scabbard-Frogs Henry Metcalfe
Ernst's Guard Bayonet
Answers To Who Said Or Wrote It
Volume 8, Summer 1994 Pointed Comment On Bayonets John Spangler
The Austrian Models 1754 And 1767 Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
The Bayonets Of Philadelphia Martin D. Centala
Another Problem Solved....Surprisingly! Robert M. Reilly
Revised Information On Winchester Hotchkiss Muskets Caliber .45-70 Bayonets Joseph R. Marsden
Bayonets Along The Hudson (From The Hudson by Carl Carmer)
Volume 9, Fall 1994 Ordnance Office - Trowel Bayonet Status, Ca.1888 Robert M. Reilly
Model 1842 Musket Bayonet Martin D. Centala
Col. Benton's Tubular Bayonet Robert F. Rubendunst
U.S. Model 1880 Rod Bayonet - National Armory
Volume 10, Winter 1994 Bayonets On The Plains Robert M. Reilly
Albini Scabbards Vs. Remington Bayonets Eddy Boomputte
Col. A.L.D. Biddle, Master Of The Bayonet
German Soldiers Surrender At The Point Of The Bayonet Homer Brett
"In Cadence - Exercise!" - How The Soldier Writes His Best Life Insurance Policy - Lt's Mastery Of The Bayonet J. Serbaroli, Jr.
Volume 11, Spring 1995 [No Feature Articles Published In This Issue]
Volume 12, Summer 1995 The Prussian Model 1740 Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Sappers And Miners Bayonet, Model 1847 Thomas E. Singelyn, D.D.S
Volume 13, Fall 1995 Vanderlip's Pocket Bayonet-Periscope Anthony Ross, Ph.D
An American Soldier's Bayonet Nelson H. Mccall
Inspection Of Accoutrements Of The 7th U.S. Infantry 1845 Frederick C. Gaede
Volume 14, Winter 1995 Bayonet Development, T2 Types Jerry Janzen
French Bayonets 1717-1780 Pierre Renoux
Maryland-Marked Bayonets: An Update Fred Gaede & Dick Marsden
The Plug Bayonet In Colonial America , Part 1: Introduction Roger D. C. Evans
Socket Bayonet Wanderings Nelson H. Mccall
Volume 15, Spring 1996 The Plug Bayonet In Colonial America , Part 2: The English Plug Bayonet Roger D. C. Evans

The Steel Scabbard For Socket Bayonets In America , 1834-1900 - Some New Information Joseph R. Marsden

First Parachute Tests Of The Lan-Cay Product Improved M9 Bayonet Homer Brett
Volume 16, Summer 1996 The Plug Bayonet In Colonial America , Part 3: The French Plug Bayonet Roger D. C. Evans

More On The Emerson Steel Bayonet Scabbard Philip Leveque
Volume 17, Fall 1996 Collins & Co. Model 1855 Bayonet Ed Hull

Bayonets And The Black Hawk War 1832 Peter A. Schmidt

Springfield Armory Edged Weapons Research Preliminary Report Thomas J. Wiltzius

The 1811 Harper's Ferry Pattern Bayonets Frederick C. Gaede

Harper's Ferry Bayonets Joseph R. Marsden

Some Large Questions About Some Small Parts - The Interchanged Grips For The M5, M5a1, And M6 Bayonet Homer M. Brett
Volume 18, Winter 1996 "Crowned A" is For America Graham T. Priest

The Plug Bayonet In Colonial America , Part 4: The Germanic Plug Bayonet Roger D. C. Evans

Notes On 18th Century Knife Bayonets Frederick C. Gaede

Two Plastic "Dummy" M1 Bayonets Pierre Renoux
Volume 19, Spring 1997 Where Are The Matches? - - Serial Number Coincidences For The M1903 Springfield Rifle And The M1905 Springfield Bayonet Thomas J. Wilzius

Bayonets At Ft. Ligonier, Pa., 1758-1776 Joseph R. Marsden

"‘Tis Said The Bayonets Are Too Soft" Nelson H. Mccall

McClellan's Bayonet Exercises Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.

A U. S. Army Lan-Cay Bayonet Presentation Homer M. Brett

The Plug Bayonet In Colonial America , Part 5: Dutch And Spanish Plug Bayonets Roger D. C. Evans
Volume 20, Summer 1997 Another Use For The M1905 Bayonet Homer M. Brett

Bayonet Manufacture At The Point Of Fork Arsenal, Virginia 1781 - 1801 Joseph R. Marsden

Miniature Bayonets George T. Wheeler

The Plug Bayonet In Colonial America , Part 6: True Colonial Products Roger D. C. Evans

Some Overseas Members n/a

The Eben Starr Bayonet Robert F. Rubendunst
Volume 21, Fall 1997 Phrobis & The M9 Bayonet, Part Four Homer M. Brett

Notes Concerning Bayonet Practice Anthony Ross, Ph.D.
Volume 22, Winter 1997 Lunger To Light Graham Priest

Firearm Muzzle And Socket Bayonet Bore Diameters, An Update Joseph R. Marsden
Volume 23, Spring 1998 The Kyhl Bayonet Fastening System In The American Civil War Joseph A. Serbaroli Jr. and Joseph R. Marsden

An Almost USMC Fighting Knife Bayonet Frank Trzaska

Made Bayonets For Enfield & Austrian Muskets Joseph R. Marsden

Albini Scabbards Vs. Remington Bayonets Eddy Boomputte

The Real Zalinski Ramrod Bayonet Frank Mallory
Volume 24, Summer 1998 A Bayonet Mystery Solved Phillip Leveque

The McClellan's Manual Anthony Ross, Ph.D.
Volume 25, Fall 1998 The Bayonet In History Albert Kern

The Krag Bayonets David Kaczmarek

The Mauser Model 1889 Hopkins & Allen Bayonet Eddy Boomputte

Model 1798 Contract Bayonets Joseph A. Serbaroli Jr.
Volume 26, Winter 1998 An Interesting Model 1816 Bayonet Phillip Leveque

First Model Spencer Bayonet Identified Paul D. Johnson and Joseph R. Marsden

Fitting The Model 1816 Bayonet Phillip Leveque

Two Bayonets For Every Rifle? Frank Trzaska

Bayonet Rebuild Standards Homer M. Brett

US Military Bayonet Training Manuals: A Bibliography Roger D.C. Evans
Volume 27, Spring 1999 Entrenching Knife Model 1874: The Puzzle Of The Patents Roger D.C. Evans

The McKenney Cadet Scabbard Dr. Zachary Leiner

George Tryon— South Carolina Contract Rifle, Circa 1820 Joseph R. Marsden

The Spanish Bayoneta Modelo 1857 Graham Priest

Hawaii, Our Fiftieth State, And Its "Bayonet Constitution" Anthony Ross, Ph.D.
Volume 28, Summer 1999 Around The World In 140 Years Roy Williams

The 1876-77 Whalebone Fencing Bayonet Joseph R. Marsden

Sticks And Bayonet Practice Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

Was A Bayonet Outlawed International Treaty And The U.S.A. ? Anthony Ross, Ph.D.
Volume 29, Fall 1999 The United States Navy Ceremonial Guard, Washington, D.C Homer M. Brett

Collins & Co. Model 1855 Bayonets: An Update Ed Hull

A Discussion On M1816 Bayonets Joseph R. Marsden

More Uses For The Bayonet! Graham Priest

First S.A.B.C. Meeting In Northern Ireland Colin Baxter

How Many Are Out There? Thomas J. Wiltzius
Volume 30, Winter 1999 A Discussion On M1816 Bayonets Joseph R. Marsden

Experimental Fencing Bayonet For The Krag-Jorgensen Rifle Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

The Collins Bayonet For The Colt Alteration Model 1841 Rifle Ed Hull

Burying The Dead Stephen T. Foster
Volume 31, Spring 2000 Eli Whitney's Connecticut Springfields With Enfield Bayonets Joseph A. Serbaroli Jr.

The Alex. Taylor Bayonet Fencing Equipment Roger D.C. Evans

Origin Of The "T" Mortise for Socket Bayonets Joseph R. Marsden

A Louisiana Gator’s Bayonet and Scabbard Robert W. Shuey

Another Proposed "Combination Utility Knife And Bayonet” Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

The Remington-UMC & "Boy Scout Bayonet" Dr. Jim Maddox

A French Double-Barreled Brass Hilt Yataghan Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox

French Defense Nationale Bayonets For The Remington Rolling Block Dr. Jim Maddox

A Norwegian Modified Gerrnan Bayonet Tor The M I Garand Dr. Jim Maddox

The Serbian M1881 Yataghan Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 32, Summer 2000 A Revolutionary War Bayonet From Connecticut Joseph A. Serbaroli Jr.

Some Thoughts On Wood Bayonet Grips John L. Carr

The Numerous Editions Of Infantry Drill Regs Army 1911 Anthony Ross, Ph.D

The Vanderlip Bayonet Periscope Revisited Anthony Ross, Ph.D

Notes About The French Bayonet With Locking Ring Model Of 1769-1770 Pierre Renoux

Nineteenth Century Dutch De Beaumont Socket Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph.D.

Functional Miniature Bayonets Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 33, Fall 2000 Bayonets Ca. 1784-1813 For French Muskets M1768, 1774 Joseph R. Marsden

Uncle Sam's Sedgleys Clark S. Campbell

American Colonial Plug Bayonets: Some Further Examples Roger D.C. Evans

Three Military Postcards Showing Bayonet Fighting With Dummy, Wooden, Bayonet-Rifle Combinations Anthony Ross, Ph.D

M1905 And M1 Bayonets - Props Made In Hollywood John Spangler

German Toy Bayonets Shawn Gibson
Volume 34, Winter 2000 Self Loading Rifles T44 And T47 And Their Bayonets Christian Mery

Ernst's Bayonet Guard Ed Hull

A Civil War Fencing Bayonet That Never Was Anthony Ross, Ph.D

A Plymouth-To-Remington Rifle Bayonet Alteration Ed Hull

The Remington Rifle-Bayonet Combination Endorsed The American Boy Scout Anthony Ross, Ph.D

An India Pattern Brown Bess Bayonet For Massachusetts Joseph R. Marsden

Drive The Wedge Again - Hammer The Hun! Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

Pictures With A Pointed Message Samuel J. and Thomas J. Wiltzius
Volume 35, Spring 2001 Plumbing The Depths Graham Priest

The M1905 Bayonet - Maxim Silencer Variant Thomas J. Wiltzius, Burton A. Kellerstedt & Samuel J. Wiltzius

Now Here's A Good Use For A Bayonet Shawn Gibson

Bayonets & Liberty Bonds Anthony Ross, Ph.D
Volume 36, Summer 2001 How To Write A Complete Military Manual Anthony Ross, Ph.D

A Rare Austrian Bayonet In The American Civil War Joseph Marsden & Joseph Serbaroli

Further Nathan Starr Stamping Observations Thomas Hill

WW I Baynet Fencing Gauntlet Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

Did Winchester Make Any M1891 Moisin Bayonets? Pierre Renoux

General Order, No. 44 of 1844 Fred Gaede

Miniture Bayonet/Musket Combination Anthony Ross, Ph.D.
Volume 37, Fall 2001 The Bannerman Quaker Cadet Gun Shawn Gibson

Wetmore’s Multi-PurposeBayonets, 1871 Anthony Ross, Ph.D

The M1795 Debacle Shawn Gibson
Volume 38, Winter 2001 LaBar’s 1st Place Display

Another Unregistered M1835 Bayonet Pierre Renoux

Cary’s And Ellsworth’s Manuals. Anthony Ross, Ph.D

Flaming Bayonet Frank Trzaska

Letter to the Editor: Revisions: PLUMB Albert Demchak
Volume 39, Spring 2002 A Bayonet by Jason Mills Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.

Another Use For Bayonets Albert H. Demchak

Telling A Genuine From A Reproduction Walt Liss

Dutch Mannlicher M1895 Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph.D.

Unreported U.S.A. Training Bayonet Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

Swiss-Made Miniature Bayonets For The Roger D.C. Evans

Dress Code For Bayonet Fencers Anthony Ross, Ph.D
Volume 40, Summer 2002 John "Anthony" Carter Roger Evans & Graham Priest

Parris Kadet Trainer Rifle Bayonet Shawn Gibson

The Mexican Modragon Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox

Update on Productions - M1905 Bayonet Thomas J. Wiltzius

The Afghan Experiance Graham Priest

Buck Barrel Nut M9 Bayonet Bill Porter

Conservation Techniques Doug Wicklund

Rosalie Connection Anthony Ross, Ph.D
Volume 41, Fall 2002 Unknown European "BAR" Bayonet Joseph R. Marsden

Revolutionary War "At the Crossroads" Ernest R. Bower

Miniature Krag-Style Bayonets Roger D.C. Evans

The Italian Connection Roy Williams

Plumbing Even Deeper Graham Priest

WW II Bayonet Information "On The Beam" A.H. Siebel, Jr.
Volume 42, Winter 2002 The Oliver Patent Bayonet Ed Hull

The Junior Enfield Bayonet Shawn Gibson

M1841 Jenks Navy Socket Bayonet Joseph R. Marsden

Bayonets Without Sockets/Hudson’s Bay Co. S. James Gooding

The Musicians Sword Bayonet Slide Frederick C. Gaede

A Phenomenon of Collections/Fake Saw Bayonets Christian Mery

Desperate Times Called for Desperate Measures Derek Complin

The Infantry Drill Regulations of 1904 Phil Leveque

Lancay’s M11 EOD Tool Ben Luoma

Millmount Museum, Drogheda, Ireland Michael J. Curran
Volume 43, Spring 2003 A Fixed Bayonet Al Demchek

Special Heat Treated Bayonets Frank Trzaska
Volume 44, Summer 2003 An Appeal to SABC Members for Info Derek Complin

1838 Congressional Hearing... Burt Kellerstedt

The U.S.N. Mark 1 Plastic Bayonet Frank Trzaska

Woods’ Patent Bayonet Scabbard Frederick C. Gaede

"At the Crossroads" Part 2 Ernest Richard Bower
Volume 45, Fall 2003 Rod Bayonets - Fixed or Unfixed in Time of Peace? Phil Leveque

A Rare Liege-Made Bayonet For The Dutch Carbine Joseph R. Marsden & Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr

Parris "Rubber Bayonet” and Kadet-Associated... Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

Hurrah for Southern Steel! Dean S. Thomas

Deakin’s Patent Metal Bayonet Scabbard, ca. 1823 Frederick C. Gaede

Get A Gun, Boys - The Hamilton M35 Rifle Bayonet Shawn Gibson

A Boys Brigade Musket Bayonet and Accouterments Joseph R. Marsden

Pattern of 1828 Bayonet Belt Alteration Frederick C. Gaede

The Knickerbocker Greys Anthony F. Gero
Volume 46, Winter 2003 The Second World War Manufacture of Bayonets... Graham Priest

Earliest Article on Bayonet History Roger D.C. Evans

A System of Classification.... Anthony Ross, Ph.D.

A Mills Militia Scabbard Pierre Renoux

An Answer to Pierre Renoux’s Question Joseph R. Marsden

The Spirit of the Pike Graham Priest

More on the Victory Trainer Parris-Dunn Albert H. Demchak

The Poker Bayonet (1908) Steven A. Walton
Volume 47, Spring 2004 Revisiting the "T" Mortice in the Socket Bayonet Phil Leveque
Lan-Cay M9 USMC Trials Submission (2002)... Dr. Jim Maddox
Inspecting Bayonets at Springfield Armory John Spangler
Share It! Dan Morrison
Volume 48, Summer 2004 The Bayonets of John Miles, Sr. Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Replacement Bayonets for Altered M1816 Muskets Joseph R. Marsden
What Not to Do With Your Bayonet Steven A. Walton
Minature Bayonets Based on the M1905 Roger D.C. Evans
Bayonet Adapter: Cook & Brother or Bahn Frie? Trevor Bovee
Army Patch Features M9 Bayonet Andy Levchenko, Jr.
The Bayonet Poker Graham Priest
Volume 49, Fall 2004 A Rare Ames Sword Bayonet Trevor Bovee
The German Seitengewehr - Part 2 of a Series of 5 Dr. Jim Maddox
Eyes Full in Gettysburg Dick Marsden, Graham Priest and Dan Morrison
Turkish Conversion Bayonet to fit the M1 Grand Rifle Dennis D. Ottobre
Volume 50, Winter 2004 Factory Marked De Beaumont Socket Bayonets Frits Tan
The German Seitengewehr - Part 2 of a Series of 5 Dr. Jim Maddox
Poker Bayonet Graham Priest
An Unusual Prussian Model 1839 Bayonet David Noe
Multi-PurposeBayonet, OKC-3C John Spangler
Volume 51, Spring 2005 An 18th Century Bayonet & Belt Frederick C. Gaede
The English Cutlass Bayonet Paul S. Lederer
The German Seitengewehr - Part 4 of a Series of 5 Dr. Jim Maddox
Aluminum for Bayonet Scabbards Al Demchak
Two "Wylie” Bayonets of the Revolutionary War Frederick C. Gaede
The 2nd World War Manufacture of Bayonets at the Pal Blade Co. Graham Priest
Multi-Purpose Bayonet, OKC-3S, Release Announced by USMC John Spangler
Request for Help Henrey S. Queener
Variations of the Austrian Model 1838/42 Bayonet David Noe
Perfect as a Circle: Hoes to Bayonets to Hoes Shawn Gibson
Bayonet Class Anthony Gero and Roger Sturck
Volume 52, Summer 2005 A Variety of United States Letter-Opener Miniature Bayonets R.D.C. Evans
Comments on "An Unusual Prussian Model 1839 Bayonet" Graham Priest
Tool Sockets for Gauges Thomas J. Till
American Folk Art: A Personalized Saber Bayonet Shawn Gibson
The German Seitengewehr 1898/05…Part Five of a Series Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 53, Fall 2005 Submachine Guns For Catching and Keeping Felons Graham Priest
Major Thornton’s Notes on Infantry & Rifle Bayonets & Scabbards Frederick C. Gaede
Identification Request Geroge Gorman IV
Flea Market Finds
U.S. Ordnaance Dept. Inspectors & Contract Inspectors 1797-1850 Joseph R. Marsden
British and French Bayonet Drills, 1860 S. James Gooding
Buck Last Ditch M9 Bayonet William W. Porter
French Bayonet Illustrations, 1702 Frederick C. Gaede
Volume 54, Winter 2005 Harper’s Ferry Sword Bayonets Model 1841 & Model 1855 Richard A. Berglund
A Question Stimulated by "Factory-Marked De Beaumont Socket Bayonets” by Frits Tan Ph.D. Graham Priest
M1903 Bayonet??? Frank Trazaska
The Army’s New Combat Action Badge (CAB) Major Ben Luoma
Remington Zouave Bayonet & Scabbard Jason Kaplan
A Further Selection of US Letter-Openers Miniature Bayonets R.D.C. Evans
Private Frank S. Vaughn James F. Vaughn
Volume 55, Spring 2006 Bayonets of Ard Welton Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Further Notes on the USN Mark 1 Traning Bayonet Frank Trazaska
Washington Greys Bayonet Scabbard Ray Darida
An Unusual M1816 Bayonet Paul D. Johnson
Sword and Sword Bayonet Frogs Frederick C. Gaede
On the Point Joe Marino
"Words to Live By” from 1781
Bayonet Use as Weapons John Spangler
Queries on the Inoel M3 (Style) Trench Knife N. David Leifer
India Pattern Brown Bess Musket & Bayonet Reunited After 160 Years Joseph R. Marsden
Volume 56, Summer 2006 The Regimental "Brown Bess” Bayonet, 1754-1783 Erik Goldstein
Bayonets of Texas - Part 1, "A Baker Bayonet from the Alamo” Shawn Gibson
Graham Priest’s Question - A Reply Frits Tan, Ph D
Volume 57, Fall 2006 The Regimental "Brown Bess” Bayonet, part two Erik Goldstein
A Strange Bayonet of the Civil War Needs Help! Pierre Renoux
A Note on Ridgeway & Ruff Frederick C. Gaede
Her Majesty’s Ordnance Factories Frederick G. Engelbach
Bayonet Stud or Lug? Phil Leveque
Volume 58, Winter 2006 Unknown U.S. Bayonet Frank Trzaska
US M4 Bayonets with Wood and Rubber Grips Lt. Colonel William Mozey
Why Collect Bayonets? Roger D.C. Evans
A Plastic Copy of the M 9 Bayonet Frits Tan, Ph.D
Pre-Civil War Socket Bayonet Inspectors J. R. Marsden & J. A. Serbaroli
Civil War Longarm & Bayone Combinations (part 1 of 2) Graham Priest
Volume 59, Spring 2007 A Springfield Model 1795 Musket with Permanently Attached Bayonet Stephen D. Marvin
Two Oddball M7 Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph.D.
Unusual M1835/42 Socket Bayonet Marking Submitted by Jim Burgess
Inquiry: Ordnance Department Seal on Bayonets Al Demchak
Bayonet Recoveries at Gettysburg Frederick C. Gaede
Miniature Bayonets From Fort Benning, Georgia Roger D.C. Evans
Bannerman’s Cadet ‘Quaker’ Muskets
Civil War Longarm & Bayonte Combinations (part 2 of 2) Graham Priest
Volume 60, Summer 2007 Bayonets of Texas Part 2: The India Pattern Brown Bess Bayonet Shawn Gibson
A Pair of Bayonets for the Danish Remington-Lee M1886 Dr. Jim Maddox
The "Other” Type II Sword Bayonet for the Altered Model 1841 Rifles Phil Leveque
Alexander Spade Bayonet Attachment, 1869 Shawn Gibson
How About Collecting "Butchered” Bayonets? Frits Tan, Ph.D.
Volume 61, Fall 2007 J.J. Henry’s Bayonets and Muskets for the States of Maryland and Delaware Joseph R. Marsden & Frederick C. Gaede
Bayonets from the Maple Leaf Kevin Hopper
When is a Common Bayonet not so Common? Dr. Jim Maddox
The Rare Modified Prussian Model 1809 Bayonet David Noe
De Beaumont Navy M 1873 Yataghan Bayonet Frits Tan, Ph.D
Bayonet Preservation Techniques submitted by Richard Berglund
The "Suhl”-made 1861 Springfield Musket & Bayonet Joseph R. Marsden
Volume 62, Winter 2007 Collecting Bayonets: A Philosophical Introspection Frits Tan, Ph.D
Colonel Worth’s Bayonets Paul D. Johnson
Kill! Use of the Bayonet in Today’s Army SGT Don Burkey, OHARNG
Notes on 18th Century Knife Bayonets Revisited: Major Scott’s Bayonet, 1758 Graham Priest
Remington Trials Bayonet- Imperial Austrian Army, ca. 1867 Shawn Gibson
Bowie Bayonet for Belgian Pinfire Pistol Dr. Jim Maddox
The U.S. Bolo Bayonets in the Philippines, pt 1 of 2 Frank Trzaska
Volume 63, Spring 2008 A Most Unusual Kukri Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Miniature Bayonets: Interesting and Affordable Frits Tan, Ph.D.
Behind the Scenes at SABC
Replacement Bayonets for Old Harper’s Ferry Muskets Joseph R Marsden
A Massive Turner Bayonet by Tolle/Degenhardt Dr. Jim Maddox
An Over-and-Under Bayonet J. William LaRue
More Interesting Bayonets in the N.P.S. Gettysburg Collection Joseph R. Marsden
The U.S. Bolo Bayonets in the Philippines, pt. 2 of 2 Frank Trzaska
Volume 64, Summer 2008 McEvoy’s "Improved Saber-Bayonet Fastening” Richard A. Berglund
A Pair of 1808-Style Scabbards Frederick C. Gaede
Presentation German Trench-Knife Bayonet from WW I Dr. Jim Maddox
Whitney’s Use of Enfield Pattern 1853 Bayonets Edward Hull
Some Letter-Opener Miniature Bayonets Roger D.C. Evans
Unidentified Japanese Bayonet Frog Jon C. Merkle
Volume 65, Fall 2008 Anchors Aweigh! Graham Priest
Info On The English Pattern 1859 Cutlass Bayonet David Noe
A Turkish M1935 Bayonet’s "Conjectural” History Frits Tan, Ph.D
What Will $10 Buy? J. William LaRue
J.P. Moore & Sons American Long Enfield & Bayonet Joseph R. Marsden
The Pritchard-Greener Bayonet for the Webley MK VI Revolver Dr. Jim Maddox
Additional Information on Miniature Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph.D
An Iron-Handled Lebel? Leon Barrett
Unrecorded Confederate Hall Bayonet Shawn Gibson
Volume 66, Winter 2008 Remington Trials Bayonet - Imperial Austrian Army ca. 1867 - Revisited Michael Curran
A German - American Miniture Bayonet Roger D.C. Evans
A Confederate Shotgun Bayonet Frederick C. Gaede and Joseph R. Marsden
Reproduction Arisaka Type 30 Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph.D
Who’s Your Daddy? - The Parentage of Bahn-Frei Bayonets Examined Dr. Jim Maddox
Southern Engineered! Confederate Side Latch Bayonets Shawn Gibson
The Brazilian Enfield Bayonet David Noe
Volume 67, Spring 2009 Writing, Research and Collector Benefits Graham Priest
Dispensing with Scabbards, 1808 Frederick C. Gaede
Bavarian Muskets in the Civil War? Forget About It! Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr
The American Bayonet of Captain Pitet Christian Mery
Bayonet Reproduction: A Current Economic Phenomenon Frits Tan, Ph.D
Your Boy’s Hands Are Just Itching For A Rifle: The Daisy Bayonet! Shawn Gibson
Photographic Study of a Pair of Interesting Miniature Bayonets Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 68, Summer 2009 The German Sg42 (Seitengewehr 1942) Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
More Information on Oliver Woods' Scabbard Alteration Frederick C. Gaede
A Turkish Converted P1907 Bayonet: A Gallipoli Relic? Frits Tan, Ph.D
A Mystery Solved: A Group of German Children's "Bayonets" R.D.C. Evans
The Unfortunate Accident at Mr. Woolley’s Bayonet Making Shop Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Learning To Give The Enemy A Taste Of American Steel Bill Rambo
Volume 69, Fall 2009 American Bayonet Foreign Copy: - The Indonesian S1 Bayonet of 1984 Roger D.C. Evans
J.J. JHenry's Bayonets and Muskets for the States of MD and DE, Part II Frederick C. Gaede and Joseph R. Marsden
M1910 Bolo and Scabbards Andy Levchenko
Ames Bayonets & One Mystery Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
The British 1855 Lancaster Bayonet - Confederate or Not? David Noe
Another Brazilian Sword Bayonet Peter White
The Remington Alteration Model 1841 Rifle Bayonet - reprint Ed Hull
The Manufacture of Bayonets in England, 1855 Roy Anderson
Turkish Bayonet Markings: Interesting Enigmas Frits Tan, Ph.D
The U.S. Krag Bayonets: History, Variations, Modifications Book Review Roger D.C. Evans
Volume 70, Winter 2009 The Grand Duchy Sachsen Weimar Bayonet David Noe
U.S. 1910 Type II Scabbard: Damaged or Altered? A.H. Siebel, Jr.
Fantasy Bayonets Revisited Frits Tan, Ph.D
The Bang Bayonet Per Holmback and Christian Mery
Swiss Yatagahn Bayonet for an Italian Vetterli Police Carbine Dr. Jim Maddox
Confederate "Lancaster" M1855 Bayonet for the Mendenhall, Jones & Gardner Shawn Gibson
Foreign Copy an American Bayonet Roger D.C. Evans
An American Miniature Bayonet For Modern Pistols Frits Tan, Ph.D
Line of Duty Dan Morrison
Col Millett's Obit
Volume 71, Spring 2010 A Chinese Hanyang Type 1888 Bayonet Demystified Frits Tan, Ph.D
A Period Etched Austrian M1796 Haubajonett Shawn Gibson
A Story About a Frog That Did Not Get Away Dr. Jim Maddox
Last Charge for the Bayonet - A Victim of Modern Warfare Sean Rayment
Watervlier Arsenal - Equipment for Infantry Drawings Roy Anderson
Dahlgren Bayonet Observations Al Hardin
US M-1816 Bayonets with "L" Mortise for Bottom Stud Joseph R. Marsden
US Patent - Improved Machine for Cutting Out Bayonets - Scabbards
Volume 72, Summer 2010 American Bayonet Foreign Copy: The Danish Model1962 (U.S. M5 or M5A1) Bayonet-Knife Roger D.C. Evans
Twenty Third Annual Meeting
Displays at 2010 SABC Annual Meeting
Saxony's "Dresden Enfield" Bayonets in the Civil War Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
The Swiss M1830 Wiedmesser of Neuenburg or Nidwalden Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 73, Fall 2010 U.S. 1905 Springfield Bayonet Alternate Scabbard A.H. Siebel, Jr.
A Note About Eckfeldt Bayonets Lew Southard
The Bayonet as a Tool of Empire Frits Tan, Ph.D
Interesting Krag Bayonet Variation Donald J. Hartman
Prototype German Tool Bayonet by Klaas Dr. Jim Maddox
Maryland Bayonets and Accouterments in the Revolutionary War Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
12th New Hampshire Veterans Miniature Bayonet John Ockerbloom & Fred Gaede
Mystery Bayonet Roy Anderson
Cataloging Your Collection David Noe
Volume 74, Winter 2010 A Previously Unknown US M-1815 "Replacement" Bayonet Tim Prince
American Bayonet Foreign Copy: The Italian BM59 (U.S. M-1) Knife Bayonet Roger D.C. Evans
Bayonets of the Gran Chaco War1928-1935 Frits Tan, Ph.D
Johnson "Dagger" Bayonet Bill Porter
Bayonets and Muskets for Maryland: J.J. Henry's War of 1812 'Consortium' Part 1 of 3 Fredrick C. Gaede and Joseph R. Marsden
Volume 75, Spring 2011 Miniature U.S. M1 Carbine Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
The Moisin-Nagant M1891 Bayonet As A War Memorial Obelisk Frits Tan, Ph.D
An Unusual Unidentified Bayonet David Noe
Bannerman & Ayres Scabbard Patent Roy Anderson
Wartime Ad Dan Morrison
Miniature Austrian M1895 Mannlicher Bayonets Dr. Jim Maddox
Bayonets and Muskets for Maryland: J.J. Henry's War of 1812 'Consortium' Part 2 of 3 Fredrick C. Gaede and Joseph R. Marsden
1775 & Earlier Bayonet Makers Joseph R. Marsden
Miniature Spanish Model 1913 Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 76, Summer 2011 Miniature Siamese Type 47 Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Roy Anderson Remembered Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Chronology of De Beaumont Socket Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph.D
A Note Concerning the Demise of the Plug Bayonet James A. Hanson
Twenty Fourth Annual SABC Meeting Displays
Bayonets and Muskets for Maryland: J.J. Henry's War of 1812 'Consortium' Part 3 of 3 Fredrick C. Gaede and Joseph R. Marsden
A Tribute to an American Hero Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 77, Fall 2011 Conflicting Views on the Use of the Bayonet in Battle Frits Tan, Ph.D
'Tools of Empire' Continued Graham Priest
Military Cadet Rifles Ronald G. Gabel
Uraguayan Military Conversion of the Short Remington Export Knife Bayonet Michael F. Carrick
The Socket Bayonet of Sergeant Levi Shafer, 8th Illinois Cavalry Joseph R. Marsden
A look at the Springfield Armory, 1853 Fredrick C. Gaede
The Ward-Burton Arms Albert H. Demchak
Unidentified Socket Bayonet Liviu Stoica
Bayonets in Military History Museums: A Pictorial Potpourri Frits Tan, Ph.D
Book Review Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 78, Winter 2011 Further Thoughts on the Hall Rifle Socket Bayonets Phil Leveque
Bayonets in Basra, A Case Study of the Effects of Irregular Warfare Edwin Halpain & Justin Walker
Frog, Bayonet, 90 Pattern Equipment Graham Priest
An Imperial Russian Krnka Socket Bayonet: A Macrohistory Frits Tan, Ph.D
A Third Reich SG84/98 Type 3 Bayonet with a Provenance Frits Tan, Ph.D
Grievance of Springfield Armory Inspectors Fredrick C. Gaede
Volume 79, Spring 2012 "Going for a Song?" Bayonet Values Graham Priest
German Pioneer Faschinenmesser 1871/98 Christian Mery
Locking Ring and Socket Maxi;mum Rotation Liviu Stoica
The Vivian Constabulary Carbine Bayonets Dr. Jim Maddox
Commentary on the U.W. Army Bayonet, 1905 James S. Hutchins
My Favorite Image Dan Binder
Volume 80, Summer 2012 Meet the New Board Members
American Bayonet Foreign Copy Roger D.C. Evans
Displays at the 25th Annual Meeting
Photographer's Prop Ed Hull
Pictures of the 25th Annual Meeting
An Eckfeldt Bayonet Ron Beifus
Civil War Import Sword Bayonet, Altered and Possibly Identified A.H. Siebel & Evan Kavallines
The "Spirit of the Pike"? David Noe
A Strange Bayonet Pierre Renoux
My Favorite Image Ethan Hilliard
Blast from the Past (Pictures from Past Dinners)
Volume 81, Fall 2012 A Strange Bayonet Pierre Renoux
Relic Mobile Depot Sword Bayonet David Noe
The Ward-Burton New Pattern Bayonet Shawn Gibson
Bayonets of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1936: A Macrohistory Frits Tan, Ph.D
The Terry Brown Bayonet Drawings Dr. Jim Maddox
More Confederate Shotgun Bayonets Fredrick C. Gaede and Joseph R. Marsden
Volume 82, Winter 2012 Bayonet: Still Killing After All These Years Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
A Magnificent Miniature Dr. Jim Maddox
A Bayonet of Portugal's African Colonial Wars 1961-1974 Frits Tan, Ph.D
An Unknown US Scabbard for the 1905 Bayonet Shawn Gibson
Model 1905 Leather Scabbards Tom Wiltzius, Ph. D., John Siekierka & Harold Hopp
The Alexander Saw Bayonet Fredrick C. Gaede
Bayonets and War Stamps Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
An Experimental Bayonet for the U.S. Army, ca. 1960 Dan Morrison
Movie Prop Bayonets with Rectractable Blades Dr. Jim Maddox
A Chinese Type 24 or Zhong Zheng Rifle Bayonet Identified Frits Tan, Ph.D
Volume 83, Spring 2013 Pattern 1827 Bayonet Research Peter Schmidt
Bayonet Fighting Graham Priest
Lieutenant Kelton's New Maual of the Bayonet, 1962 Fredrick C. Gaede
Modified Austrian 1767 Bayonet Shawn Gibson
Looking Further at the Springfield Armory, 1853 Fredrick C. Gaede
Floyd Cobb Postcard Dan Morrison
A Bayonet For A Modern "Suicide Special" Frits Tan, Ph.D
M1903 Springfield Rifle Dan Morrison
Volume 84, Summer 2013 Ramrod Bayonet for the Musket Vetterli Vitali n. 6 Marco Cornuda
Bayonet Collecting Implies Collecting Guns Frits Tan, Ph.D
Displays at the Twenty Sixth Annual Meeting
President's Award and Meeting
Silent Auction
Marine Corps Bayonets That Don't Interchange Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
The Miniature Bayonet of a Distinguished U.S. Soldier Roger D.C. Evans
What is Rare? David Noe
Modified Austrian M1774 Bayonet Pierre Renoux
Views on the Bayonet, 1847 Fredrick C. Gaede
European Bayonets of the American Civil War Book Review Graham Priest
Volume 85, Fall 2013 Model 1847 Socket Bayonet Liviu Stoica
Prussian Bayonets from Kassel's Royal State Theater Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
The Bayonets of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) Graham Priest
Letter Opener Bayonets Are Still Affordable Frits Tan, Ph.D
"Musket and Bayonet Marked No. 1" Fredrick C. Gaede
An Interesting Bayonet Conversion Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 86, Winter 2013 The 1845 Sword Bayonet Paul Lederer
Bayonet Making in Great Britain During the Late 19th Century Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Bayonet Advertisement in the French and Indian War Gail Potter and James Hanson
Construction Differences Between the '91 TS and the Emergency '91 TS Marco Cornuda
The Iranian M1 Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Important Article on Confederate Double Lug Bayonets David Noe
Bayonet Combat at the Siege of the Alamo: A "Conjectural" History Frits Tan, Ph.D
Theatrical M1 Garand Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 87, Spring 2014 Reversible Triangular Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Bayonets: A Macrohistory Frits Tan, Ph.D
Allentown Show 2010 Dan Morrison
Human Statue of Liberty Fredrick C. Gaede
"The Bayonet Exercise" Fredrick C. Gaede
Favorite Image Fredrick C. Gaede
Patrick Ferguson's" Rifled Guns Graham Priest
A Plastic Display M7 Bayonet for the Ruger 10/22 Carbine Frits Tan, Ph.D
A Multiple Bayonet Vertical Display Wall Rack Bill Rambo
Volume 88, Summer 2014 The Current Issue Czech CZ805 Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Silent Auction
Displays at the Twenty Sixth Annual Meeting
President's Award and Dinner
Last Post: George C. Neumann Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Notes on the Remington Bayonets 1870 Edward Hull
Volume 89, Fall 2014 It is ... a Matchlock Bayonet! Graham Priest
An Unusual M1816 Type Harpers Ferry Bayonet Mark G. Rentschler
Two 19th Century Peculiar US Bayonets Pierre Renoux
Last Post: Ian 'Chook' Rasmusen Graham Priest
The Winchester "Guard Hilt" Bayonet Revisited Dr. Jim Maddox
Bayonets of a Frozen Hell Frits Tan, Ph.D
Sergeant Kroeger's Bayonet and Meat Can Lid Combination Fredrick C. Gaede
German Ersatz Bayonets During World War One; Book Review Rik Desmet
Volume 90, Winter 2014 Reversible Triangular Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Replacing a Clasp Stop Pin on a Socket Bayonet Ed Hull
Four Bayonets from the Niagara, 1813 Albert H. Demchak
A 1912-Dated Experimental Bolo Bayonet for the M1903 Springfield Fredrick C. Gaede
Massachusetts-Marked Brown Bess Bayonets Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
A Pair of Unusual Spanish Knife Bayonets Dr. Jim Maddox
An Enigma- The Oldenburg Model 1844 Socket Bayonet David Noe
Unexpected Encounter Dan Morrison
30th Anniversary ... or 28th? Bill Porter
Volume 91, Spring 2015 M8A1 Scabbards Produced At The Pennsylvania Working Home For The Blind Ralph Cobb
A Nineteenth Century Socket Bayonet from Nepal Frits Tan, Ph.D
WWI British Prototype Hat Bayonet Dan Morrison and Steve Percoskie
The Egg Carbine with Spear Bayonet Graham Priest
A "B. Castells and Sons" Plug Bayonet Richard G. Miller
The Bayonet That Might Have Killed Benedict Arnold Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Colonel Biddle and the Bayonet William Rambo
Volume 92, Summer 2015 Comments on Civil War Bayonet Fighting David Noe
SABC Members at the 2014 Gun Show
Silent Auction
Displays at the Twenty Eighth Annual Meeting
Presidents Award and Dinner
Last Post, Joseph R. "Dick" Marsden Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Last Post, Richard "Rick" G. Miller Dr. Jim Maddox
A Tragic Accident in Windsor Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Bayonets as Side Arms David F. Machnicki
Volume 93, Fall 2015 Bayonet Combat in the Great War 1914-1918: The Canadian Experience Frits Tan, Ph.D
More on US Bayonets in the 1780s and 1790s Fredrick C. Gaede and Joseph R. Marsden
Two No. 9 Trial Bayonets Pierre Renoux
Saxon Spontoon Socket Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 94, Winter 2015 Austrian M1890 Knife Bayonet for the Mannlicher Short Rifle NCO David F. Machnicki
Three Kenansville Sword Bayonets from Froelich's CSA Arms Factory 1862-1864 A.H. Seibel, Jr.
Marsden Auction Brings Excitement and Reunion for SABC Members Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Additional Notes on the Dahlgren Knife Bayonet Fred Gaede and Frank Harrington
Bayonets of the British Reconquest of the Sudan, 1896-1898 Frits Tan, Ph.D
Ames M1870 Bayonet with Yataghan Blade Dr. Jim Maddox
SPIW Prototype Bayonet Dan Morrison and Steve Percoskie
Springfield Armory Serial Number Data: A 2015 Update

John Siekierka and Thomas Wiltzius, Ph.D

Volume 95, Spring 2016 Whitney Post-Civil War Socket Bayonets Edward Hull
A Note on Mating Rifles and Bayonets, 1839 Fred Gaede
The Last Post for Roger Evans Graham Priest
A Bayonet for the Short (Cadet) Musket of 1814 Frederick C. Gaede and J. Richard Marsden
British Compliments Randy Hackenburg
The Last Post for Patrick A Douglas, Sr. Dr. Jim Maddox
The Bayonet that Nearly Killed Napoleon Bonaparte! Graham Priest
Another Commercial Bayonet for Rifle and Pistol Frits Tan, Ph.D.
Volume 96, Summer 2016 A Fusil Bayonet Associated With Samuel Coutty Fredrick C. Gaede
Excavated Bayonets: Ugly But Interesting Historical Artifacts Frits Tan, Ph.D.
SABC Members at the 2016 Gun Show
Silent Auction
President's Award and Dinner
Displays at the Twenty Ninth Annual Meeting
French Pattern 1853 Enfield Bayonets for Bottom Lug Edward Hull with Pierre Renoux
A butt Concealed Bayonet Dan Morrison and Steve Percoskie
Volume 97, Fall 2016 Promise Meets Hard Luck - The KCB-70 Bayonet Ralph E. Cobb
How Long Must I Wait for a Bayonet Paul D. Johnson
An Enigmatic Greek Carbine M4 Bayonet-Knife Frits Tan, Ph.D.
My Research Trip to Springfield Armory, July 1978 Joseph R. Marsden
Volume 98, Winter 2016 An Alphanumeric Pair of Halls Michael Osborne
The Greek Garand M1 Bayonet Frits Tan, Ph.D.
Unidentified Japanese Bayonet Frog Jon C. Merkle
The Bayonet - To Cut or Thrust Graham Priest
Another Fake Kukri Socket Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
An Estimate to Repair Bayonet Scabbards in Mexico 1847 Fredrick C. Gaede
Favorite Image from the Dan Binder Collection
Volume 99, Spring 2017 Revisiting the Whitney Under-Barrel Socket Bayonet Edward Hull
Harvard Cadet Ensemble Fredrick C. Gaede
The Bayonet in the American Indian Wars, 1866-1900 Frits Tan, Ph.D.
The 3 Portuguese M1886 Kropatchek Bayonets Dennis Ottobre
Border Guard Bayonet? David Hughes
Spanish Hunting Plug with Locking Device
Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 100, Summer 2017 Polish Alteration of German S1871 Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
SABC Members at the 2017 Gun Show

Silent Auction

President's Award and Dinner
Displays at the Thirtieth Annual Meeting
Wooden Bayonet Drill Rifle J. William LaRue
100 and Not Out! Graham Priest
Last Post: Tom Rentschler Dr. Jim Maddox
Volume 101, Fall 2017 1815 Bayonet Forgers', Manufacturers' and Makers' Marks, A Comprehensive List Mark Rentschler
Double Barreled Yataghan Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Ten Special Bayonets for the USMC Fredrick C. Gaede

Favorite Image Dan Binder
Volume 102, Winter 2017 A Survey of Henry Leman-Altered Bayonets David Hollowell
Garibaldi Rifles and C.K. Garrisons Controversial Civil War Contract to Supply Them Joseph Servaroli, Jr.
British Pattern 1887 Mk.I Sword Bayonet for the Martini Henry Rifle Derek Complin
Unusual, Unfinished and Undocumented Ralph E. Cobb
Favorite Image Dan Binder
Volume 103, Spring 2018 The British Pattern 1907 Bayonet John M. Ballard, Ph.D.
Observations on the Swiss Assault Rifles Frits Tan, Ph.D.
The M1938 Carcano Bayonet Dennis Ottobre
A Light-Hearted Look at Civil War Scabbard Tips and Finials Joseph Servaroli, Jr.
Captain Huger's Recommendations, 1948 Fred Gaede
Last Post for Al Siebel Shawn Gibson
Volume 104, Summer 2018 Bayonets for the Remington Keene Military Rifle Ed Hull
How I Became a Bayonet Collector Abigail Stuyck
A New Type of Austrian Quadrangular Bayonet Discovered David Noe and Joseph Serbaroli, Jr.
Comments on Trowel Bayonets, 1878 Fred Gaede
Bayoneted Several Times; One Tough Old Man David Noe
Volume 105, Fall 2018 British 'Crown over A' Marked Bayonets Graham Priest
A Czechoslovakian "Movie" Bayonet Vladimir Dokonal and Jim Maddox
Jonathon McGee Heck, the Raleigh Bayonet Factory, and Heck, Brodie & Company David Noe
Dutch Bayonets in the Dutch-Acenese War, 1873-1903 Dr. Frits Tan, PhD
Major Rufus L. Baker's Improved Bayonet Fred Gaede
Volume 106, Winter 2018 Bayonet Attachment Systems Dr. Jim Maddox
Arnold and Cooley Sword and Bayonet Factory David Noe
Inspector Stamps of the Crause Arms Manufactory in Herzberg, 1808-1866 Joseph Serbaroli, Jr.
East India Sword-Socket Bayonets Graham Priest
Volume 107, Spring 2019 Thoughts on Drake/Lindner/Fayetteville Socket Bayonets Ed Hull
Bayonet "Bling" Dr. Jim Maddox
Bayne, Stebbins and Company David Noe
Observations on the Swiss Assault Rifle StGw 57 Bayonet Dr. Frits Tan, PhD
This Furbisher is Armed to the Teeth! Joe Serbaroli
Volume 108, Summer 2019 German Modified Dutch Mannlicher M1895 Bayonets Frits Tan, PhD
L. Haiman & Brother: Swords and Bayonets into Plowshares David Noe
Notes on Saber Bayonets for Whitney Rifles Peter Albee
More on Bayonets for the Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Mexico, 1848 Fred Gaede
Volume 109, Fall 2019 A British Pattern 1907 & Scabbard, Presumably Refurbished For A Mid-East Honor Guard John M Ballard, Ph.D
A Rubber and Plastic M9 Bayonet for Airsoft Ma6/M4 rifles Frits Tan, Ph.D
The Union Manufacturing Company, A Sewing Machine Company Goes to War David Noe
Captain Frank Jaques' Rifle-Musket Muzzle Protector Graham Priest
A Virginia Manufactory of Arms Replacement Bayonet for a Brown Bess Musket Joseph Serbaroli, Jr
Government Sale at Harpers Ferry Armory, 1854 Fred Gaede
Union Soldier Holding a Photographer's Prop

Joseph Serbaroli, Jr

Volume 110, Winter 2019

Guarding Napoleon Bonaparte on St. Helena Graham Priest
A Most Unusual German Ersatz Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Civil War Bayonets at the U.S. Army Medical Museum Joseph Serbaroli, Jr
Bayonet Combat in Burma, 1942-1945 Frits Tan, Ph. D
Two Bayonets as Bipod Legs for M1 Garand John Spangler
Volume 111, Spring 2020 Infantry Bayonet vs. Cavalry Lance at the Time of The Great War (1914-18) John M . Ballard, Ph. D
King James the 2nd Plug Bayonet Dr Jim Maddox
Pattern 1827 Contract Bayonets Peter A. Schmidt
Bayonets of the World by Paul Kiesling Bert Herfkens & Henri van Adelberg
Research Request Joseph Serbaroli, Jr
Volume 112, Summer 2020 Regulation U.S. Fencing Bayonets, 1852-1915 Ralph E. Cobb

Table Correction for John Ballard's 'Bayonet vs. Lance' article in issue No. 111
Sharps 1855 Sharps Rifle Bayonet Shawn Gibson
Kaplan Kuriosa: A Bayonet Souvenir from South Mountain 1862 Jim and Jason Kaplan
Favorite Image Fred Gaede
Volume 113, Fall 2020 Francis Preston: A Lesser-Known Maker of British Bayonets John M. Ballard, Ph. D
Last Post - William Ward Porter Dr. Jim Maddox
A Bayonet for the Earl of Alyesford's Great Packington Volunteers Derek Complin
Italian Enfield Bayonets Dr. Jim Maddox
American Bayonets in the Philippine-American War 1899-1902 Frits Tan, Ph. D
Dispensing with Scabbards 1808 Fred Gaede
Volume 114, Winter 2020 Rosalie, a Song in Honor of a Bayonet Henri van adelberg
Remarkable Fantasy 3rd Reich Dress Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Turkish Garand M1 Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph. D
Clarifying the Nomenclature Associated with Early Czechoslovakian Mauser Bayonets Ralph E. Cobb

A British Bayonet Scandal

John M. Ballard, Ph. D
Favorite Image Dan Binder
Volume 115, Spring 2021 An Early and Unique Krag Bayonet Donald J. Hartman
Early Siamese/Thai Type 33 Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph. D
The Eickhorn Knife-Bayonet in the Dutch Army Henri van Adelberg
Patent for the 1901Bradely Intrenching Tool, Fred Gaede
The Last Post - John Diehl Dr. Jim Maddox
Favorite Image Gary Pagel
Volume 116, Summer 2021 Springfield Pattern of 1810 Bayonets Peter A. Schmidt
A Japanese Altered Dutch Mannlicher Colonial M1895 Bayonet Frits Tan, Ph.D
French Yataghan Bayonets for Double-Barreled Firearms Dr. Jim Maddox
Scabbard Tip Protectors for M1 and M4 Bayonets Henri van Adleberg
Volume 117, Fall 2021 Springfield Armory-Made Bayonets 1799 Peter A. Schmidt
The U.S. Pattern 1905 Bayonet, 1906-1922 John Ewing
Field Modification of Krag Bayonet Scabbard John Spangler
OSS Drop Knife Knuckle Guard Albert H. Demchak
What To Do About Locking Rings David Noe
Payment to Andrew Wilson for his Invention of an Improved Bayonet Fred Gaede
The Bayonet Collector as a Historian Frits Tan, PH.D.
Volume 118, Winter 2021 A Couple of Unique Bayonet Scabbards with Hoffman Patent Swiveled Frogs Fred Gaede
Swiss Military Plug Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Two Early Socket Bayonets Ralph Cobb
The Dutch M4 Carbine Knife-Bayonet Henri van Adelberg
Volume 119, Spring 2022 Springfield 1818 Bayonet Peter A. Schmidt
American Charlevilles: A Response to Ralph Cobb's Journal Submission Joseph Serbaroli Jr.
Displays at the Thirty-Second Annual Meeting
Favorite Image Fred Gaede
Volume 120, Summer 2022 The Fayetteville Arsenal and Armory Socket Bayonet: A Re-evaluation
Charles F. Hull, Jr.
Barbed Wire and Modern Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph.D
Last Post: Andrew Levchenko Jr. Roy Anderson
Comments on the Bayonet in 1865 Fred Gaede
Another Bayonet Story David Noe

Volume 121, Fall 2022 1960s U.S. Scabbards Produced by Viz Manufacturing Co. and Wilson-Duggar Co. Ralph E. Cobb
The Junior Enfield, Scott-Tucker's Bayonet and the Arrival of Breechloaders Steven A. Walton
Andrew Levchenko Jr. - A Memoir Graham Priest
Volume 122, Winter 2023 Borchardt Rifle Bayonets Edward Hull
Massachusetts Civil War Bayonets Sherman Lohnes
How They Packed the Bayonets in a Civil War Musket Crate David Noe
The Bayonet as an "innocuous" Tool of Warfare Frits Tan, Ph. D.
Volume 123, Spring 2023 Kaplan Kurios #2: Oliver Bayonet Attachment 1867 James and Jason Kaplan
A Pattern1770 Sergeant of Grenadiers Carbine & A Quest for Its Bayonet Joseph Serbaroli, Jr.
Silent Auction
President's Award and Dinner
Displays at the Thirty Third Annual Meeting
A Swiss Ring Plug for Bern Dragoons Dr. Jim Maddox
An Austrian M1854 Lorenz Bayonet (Converted for Training?) Colton Hayre
Volume 124, Summer 2023 The M4 Second Production Bayonet Ralph E. Cobb
Last Post: Dana Hales David Noe
A Brief Discussion of a rare Military Plug Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
An Improved Ramrod Bayonet Peter A. Schmidt
Two Enfield Scabbard Alterations for the US Navy James and Jason Kaplan
Last Post: Dr. Gregory T. Sobczak Dr. Jim Maddox
The Model 1840 Hanseatic League and 1844 Oldenberg Bayonets David Noe
Japanese Type 30 Souvenir Bayonets Frits Tan, Ph. D.
Volume 125, Fall 2023 A Newly Discovered Springfield Bayonet for French Musket Barrels Joseph Serbaroli, Jr.
A Miraculous Attic Find! Christian Mery
Bayonet Combat in the Korean War 1950-1953 Frist Tan, Ph.D.

1816 Bayonet Maker, Manufacturer and Forger's Marks, Updated With a Recent Discovery

Mark Rentschler

Variations of the Marto-Brewer Bayonet Dr. Jim Maddox
Addendum to 1960's U.S. Scabbards Produced by Viz Manufacturing Co. and Wilson-Duggar Co. Ralph E. Cobb
Volume 126, Winter 2024 Civil War Imports: St. Blasien Bayonets for Baden's Minie Rifles Joseph Serbaroli, Jr.
Harpers Ferry Pattern 1810 Bayonets 1810-1819 Peter A. Schmidt
Lieutenant Joseph Albert Gillmore and his Musket Graham Priest


There are 15 issues of Newsletters of The Society of American Bayonet Collectors. They were published between January 1988 and the Winter of 1994. During that period two large Journals and two brief Newsletters were published each year. The Newsletters stopped when the SABC went to four full size Journals per year. Both contain feature articles for the serious collector and student of American military bayonets. The following is a listing of these articles for all issues of the Newsletter.

SABC NEWSLETTER SUBJECTS Newsletters 1-15 January 1988- WInter 1994
Newsletter No. 1, January 1988 A guide for measuring socket bayonets with a view toward developing useful classification and identification information. Robert M. Reilly
Newsletter No. 2, Fall 1988 Notes on the "MARYLAND" Bayonets Frederick C. Gaede
So Where Did it Start Daniel Morrison
Newsletter No. 3, Winter 1988-89 1817 Original Percussion Common Rifle bayonet Lee Bull Jr.
Firearm Muzzle Diameter Reference Robert M. Reilly
A Note on Bayonet Scabbards from Allegheny Arsenal Frederick C. Gaede
Newsletter No. 4, Fall 1989 The Socket Bayonets of Gettysburg Joseph R. Marsden
Newsletter No. 5, Winter 1990 The Snell Bayonet Scabbard and its Predecessors Trevor Bovee
Thoughts on Marlin Rifle Bayonets John H. Spangler
Sieur de Puysegur- Father of the Bayonet? John Jay Carnes
Modified U.S.M.A. Cadet Bayonet, M6 Andrew Levchenko, Jr
Newsletter No. 6, Fall 1990 Bayonet "Throgs” for West Point Frederick C. Gaede
The Model 1867 Navy Cadet Rifle Bayonet Edward A. Hull
Newsletter No. 7, Winter 1990 The Austrian Model 1838/1842 Bayonet Joseph Serbaroli
An Enlisted Man’s Duel in the U.S.M.C., 1814 Anthony Gero
The Origins of Some U.S. Fencing Bayonet Designs Roger D.C. Evans
Newsletter No. 8, Fall 1991 The White Metal Mounted M1828 Bayonet Scabbards Frederick C. Gaede
An American Soldier’s Bayonet Nelson Heis McCall
The Emerson Bayonet Scabbard, 1862 William G. Phillips
Newsletter No. 9, Winter 1992 The Austrian Quadrangular Blade Bayonets and Their Role in the U.S. Civil War Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
Newsletter No. 10, Summer 1992 Phrobis and the M9 Bayonet: Part One Homer Brett
Newsletter No. 11, Fall 1992 It’s Time to Convert the "Conversions” Robert M. Reilly
Last Use of the Plug Bayonet? Nelson Heis McCall
Newsletter No. 12, winter 1993 The Bayonet, Barbed Wire and the Infantryman Homer Brett
National Armory Nickel Plated 1868 Muskets and Bayoents Joseph R. Marsden
Newsletter No. 13, Summer 1993 The Prussian Models of 1809 and 1839 (second of a 3 part series) Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.
A Prussian Model 1809 Bayonet Converted for Confederate Use Joseph R. Marsden
Newsletter No. 14, Fall 1993 Phrobis and the M9 Bayonet: Part Two, The "Chevron” bayonet Homer Brett
Newsletter No. 15, Winter 1994 The Prussian Models 1809 and 1839 (Last of 3 part series) - Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.